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What We Do ?

Digital Optimization & Transformation is a baby of Team21 which is a consulting collective. Here, at DOT, we help you get a virtual presence for your brand. We personalize, strategize & analyze your brand to make it a delightful experience for your target audience. Now let’s look at how we do that!

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you
make, but about the stories you tell – Seth Godin.

Truly said by Mr. Godin, when there’s a story that a brand tells, be it emotional or humorous, customers tend to connect to the brand which increases brand loyalty.


On-Page and Off-Page optimization

We all know that making a website is not the only step that we have to make. It is the first step of the ladder. After a website is there on the Google, Continuous posting (on the website and other platforms) is needed. We can provide you with content that can make your website filled with information or promotion related to your brand. This information can be Written, Audio, Image, or Video depending on the need of the time. Apart from that, we can help you share the links to your website on different platforms which consist of the specific target audience.
For example, if your brand is into food & beverages, we can post your website’s link into different foodie groups, or the comment section of a YouTube video about cooking.

Keyword research

Not every word is going to be appropriate for your brand, but with the use of specific words that connect your brand to your customers, the brand can appear on the social media of your target audience.

Content Marketing

Nowadays, the best way to promote a brand is to provide your audience with some kind of knowledge. The information can be related to your brand and then a small connection between the brand and the topic of information can be given which in return will give your audience, confidence in your brand. Making Blogs, articles, and posting on different platforms along with the website can surely provide more audience to the brand. Guest blogging can also be done to make backlinks for the brand. Mini articles can be posted on social media to grab the audience’s attention.


Two-way communication is a vital part of Digital Marketing. With different unique campaigns, we can increase the engagement on your social media. Campaign Marketing can also create substantial awareness among the target audience. Campaigns allow the audience to be seen on the social media of the brand, which excites them and so creates commitment towards a brand. Attaching a reward to some campaign ideas can also create a fan base for a brand.


The best and organic way to have an online presence is through social media. It takes nothing to create an account of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But what takes effort is how you engage your audience on it, what type of data or information you provide to them, and how you make your accounts look more attractive. Here, is where you’d need us. With a little amount of paid advertisement to increase the reach, your social media can look superb filled with infographics, images, videos, and other types of content that can help promote your brand. Continuous engagement with the online audience can help improve your brand’s image among the audience. According to Social Media Statistics (2019), there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide. Among these 3.5 billion, Imagine how many can be your target audience which can get influenced by that one image or video you post on your social media handle.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers from the field your brand is connected to, have a lot of audiences who trust them. We can target these influencers who can endorse the brand. His or Her audience can be potential customers. These influencers are working as word-of-mouth marketing but the difference here is the network is huge. Influencers can help you with a supply chain and increased sales of your product.


Email marketing consist of attractive & Informative content (Image + Text) right into the email of your target audience. These emails can consist of Advertisements, Information, offers, discount, etc. to make the audience visit your website. Email marketing is not that effective is such a myth. With the right data consisting of the target audience and an attractive copy and graphics can give you effective leads for your product.

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